The Birmingham & District Dobermann Club, The Midland Dobermann Club, The North of England Dobermann Club, The South East of England Dobermann Club  & The South West Dobermann Club maintain our own judging lists with the clubs holding regular meetings where applications for inclusion on our judging lists or progression to another list are made. All applications must be made via one of the above clubs secretaries, details can be found on each questionnaire.


The applicant should send 5 (five) copies of the fully completed questionnaire and appropriate certificates to any one of the club secretaries for consideration at our next meeting.  You may also scan & email your questionnaire and any appropriate certificates to the co-ordinator: (Please reduce the file size of any scanned documents to be appropriate for emailing)  At our judges sub-committee meeting, voting on the application will take place and those achieving approval will be notified and added to the relevant list.


Applications will only be accepted on the correct form and applications that do not meet criteria will be returned by the Club Secretary. To help with clarification and to ensure easy completion of the application process, shaded areas and ghost figures on each application form indicate that this is a minimum requirement. Applicants are required to sign a declaration that they have read and understood the Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for Judges and the Dobermann Breed Standard and that they will judge in accordance with it.


From January 1st 2017, to judge 5 (five) or more classes you MUST be on the relevant Breed Club (A1, A3 or B) Judges List.  Those judges not appearing on the B List may judge up to 4 (four) classes of the breed at open or non-CC championship shows with the proviso that one of these classes is a puppy class.


Those judges listed as having either a Breed Credit Certificate for Dobermanns under the KC Judges Development Programme or those approved to judge Best In Show at General Championship Shows and ‘Policy Judges’ in the Working Group shall, upon submission of a fully completed application form with supporting evidence, be automatically entitled to inclusion of the Non-Breed Specialist ‘B’ list.


The breed clubs reserve the right to review and/or amend the lists as is deemed necessary. We are not required to include all Judges who qualify under this criteria, nor are we required to give any reasons for exclusion. Judges will be notified in writing of any changes to their status. Inclusion on a Judges list in one year does not automatically ensure subsequent inclusion.


The Clubs’ judging list(s) will be distributed periodically to the secretaries of general championship shows & open show canine societies to assist them in appointing future breed judges. The above Clubs’ will only select judges for their open & championship shows from names on our judges list(s).


Judges Lists

The Birmingham & District Dobermann Club, The Midland Dobermann Club, The North of England Dobermann Club, The South East of England Dobermann Club & The South West Dobermann Club maintain the judging lists A1, A3, B & C.

If you wish to apply for inclusion on a Judges' List please see all information above.

The information contained in the lists' is provided in good faith & has been taken from details provided by individual judges. Judges: please help us to keep this infomation relevant for secretaries looking to appoint future judges by providing us with any change of details & informing us of any contracts that you sign for future appointments.