I do wish people would be honest with Rescue when giving dogs up for re-homing as regards their generally behaviour, temperament etc. We can’t find the right home for the dog unless they are, and I have a classic example here:

After losing both our brown Dobes earlier this year, I heard about a 4 yr old brown male needing a home at the Rescue kennels in Telford. We went along to see him, he was good on the lead and didn’t bother about Tanya so we fetched him home.

Only later did we find out that he has a very bad case of separation anxiety and barks constantly when left. He has lived with a man for 4 years and attached himself straight away to my husband and follows him everywhere.

On questioning the previous owner more thoroughly it seems that Quinn has been like this all his life & the owner has not been able to leave him alone. Even when he takes him in the car, he barks constantly until the owner returns.

We are trying to help him overcome his problem, but it will take quite a longtime, if ever. If I had known originally that this was the problem, I would not have brought him home as I know our situation is not right for this type of dog.

Unfortunately, we were unable to help him overcome this particular problem, my husband was taking him to work in the car and he was OK for a time, however, one day, for whatever reason, he demolished the seat belt and part of the driver’s seat, so as we had run out of options, I had to take him back.

We were very upset at this, as he is a lovely dog, good natured, and no trouble to take for a walk. My friend Lesley, who you may remember from the “Inga” tales, offered to have him, as her house is detached, and the barking would not be as much of a problem for her and her neighbours.

Consequently she took him down to Milton Keynes, and although she has had one or two (!!!) problems with him, including demolishing the arm of her fairly new leather settee (oops!) he is now starting to settle in and barks hardly at all when he is left. He is also good in the car when traveling (as long as you don’t leave him!!) which is a welcome change for Lesley, as Inga was a real pain when traveling - barked all the way from Milton Keynes to here, and all the way back again! so we are hoping that he will be able to stay with Lesley. Fortunately, Lesley is fairly laid back and she said she didn’t like the new suite anyway!!

Since all the above happened, we have now lost our old girl Tanya and our house is awfully empty now. At the moment we are being “doggy hotel”, looking after friends’ dogs during holidays etc till another suitable one comes along, but if we are to continue to see Lesley, we will have to get a bitch because, as you know, two male Dobes don’t usually get on.

Lesley doesn’t want to kennel Quinn for holidays, as he doesn’t take well to kennels and had lost quite a bit of weight when she took him out of Rescue from being with us. So, watch this space!

Judith Balshaw
Area Officer, North West



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